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Netvigator is an Internet connection service brand owned by Hongkong Telecom and is currently operated by Hongkong Telecom Limited.
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Hong Kong Broadband Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong, was formerly a telecommunications group that was spun off by City Telecom in May 2012. The main business includes the provision of fiber optic broadband, Wi-Fi mobile broadband, voice communications, entertainment services, data centers and a series of advanced enterprise solution services.
寬頻報價,寬頻上網,商業寬頻, 住宅寬頻,寬頻電話,WiFi上網,光纖,光纖入屋,1000M,500M,200M,100M,5GWiFi,ICABLE,有線,5G流动数据,家居宽频,宽频报价,商业宽频


Cable Broadband Communications Co., Ltd., referred to as Cable Broadband, is a Hong Kong media company whose main business is the provision of pay TV services (including Hong Kong Cable TV), residential fixed-line telephones, Internet, multimedia services, TV program production and artist management.
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Wholly owned by I Squared Capital, its main business is to provide voice and data communication services in Hong Kong, medium-sized computer system integration, software development and provision of related services, and distribution of computer products. It is one of the licensed fixed-line telecommunications providers in Hong Kong and provides Optical fiber Internet service.
寬頻報價,寬頻上網,商業寬頻, 住宅寬頻,寬頻電話,WiFi上網,光纖,光纖入屋,1000M,500M,200M,100M,5GWiFi,SMARTONE,數碼通,5G流动数据,家居宽频,宽频报价,商业宽频


Hong Kong telecommunications companies mainly provide telecommunications services in Hong Kong and Macau, including mobile phone monthly fee plans and value-added services, and sales of mobile phones and accessories. Since July 30, 2014, SmarTone also provides home fiber broadband Internet access and broadband phone services.
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China Mobile Hong Kong officially launched a new ultra-fast fiber broadband "Home Broadband Service Plan", which combines the advantages of the company's existing cross-border mobile network to provide customers with a multi-network integrated network experience.

Call 2121 1544 to check the prices and coverage of the six major Internet providers.

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寬頻報價,寬頻上網,商業寬頻, 住宅寬頻,寬頻電話,WiFi上網,光纖,光纖入屋,1000M,500M,200M,100M,5GWiFi,5G流动数据,家居宽频,宽频报价,商业宽频

Want to know if there is coverage?

The home environment in Hong Kong is complex. Regardless of public housing, home ownership, private buildings, village houses, single buildings, large housing estates, dormitories, tenement houses, ancestral houses, and subdivided houses, our experts can also check the coverage for you, allowing you Before buying a property or moving a house, the most accurate coverage information can be obtained.

Is there a need to compare?

Speed Comparison

Even if everyone is called broadband, the speed of different broadband companies and different buildings can vary greatly. Due to the use of different technologies, the speed gap between the best FTTH and the worst ADSL is as high as 1,000 times.

  • 8M

  • 100M

  • 1000M

  • 10000M


Contract Period Length

Even if everyone is called broadband, the contract period can be far behind. If you are about to immigrate, or if you are a shell-less pot snail, and move frequently, you can choose the contract period that suits you, including 1 month, 6 months, and 12 Months, 24 months, 30 months, convenient for yourself.

  • 1 month

  • 12 months

  • 36 months

  • 60 months


Price Comparison

Even if everyone calls broadband, the price can vary greatly. Although the most affordable broadband is rare, it can cost $78, while the high-speed broadband can cost as much as $2888. Therefore, you must choose the most suitable speed according to your needs. For the average family, 100M, 500M, and 1000M are enough to meet the needs of playing the phone, playing TV shows, and surfing the Internet.

  • $78

  • $228

  • $2888


Call 2121 1544 to check prices and coverage of the six major Internet providers.

寬頻報價,寬頻上網,商業寬頻, 住宅寬頻,寬頻電話,WiFi上網,光纖,光纖入屋,1000M,500M,200M,100M,5GWiFi,5G流动数据,家居宽频,宽频报价,商业宽频

Don't you know what to ask?

Information technology is changing with each passing day, 5G, WIFI, LTE, HSDPA, 4G, FTTH, FTTB, ADSL, VDSL, OOT, VOIP, MBLS, VPN, GSM, RJ45, RJ11, SIP, STP, HUNTING dedicated line, many technical terms, many want to install I don’t know how to ask, the staff of our company specializes in serving mature customers, in order to pretend to be at ease, use it with ease, and if there are technical problems, please call as much as possible.

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Probably the most professional broadband quotation service in Hong Kong! If the broadband Internet service in your home expires, you will often find that no matter what service provider you are, even if you are an old customer, if you automatically renew the contract, the price may be higher than that of the new customer. More expensive! IKEA has many telecommunications providers, and all of them provide the "strongest overseas broadband", "fastest fiber network", and "most stable Internet access plan". The broadband plan has the same price and changes every minute and every second. There is no difference in the stock market. Biguizuo said, there is no more than one thousand yuan at any time! Smart consumers must know how to choose, so how much can be saved first! It's better to wait for BBQuote to help you compare the online prices of major suppliers, and wait for you to be a smart consumer!

BBQuote Hong Kong Telecom's monthly fee quotation platform provides real-time quotation, including mobile phone monthly fee, broadband Internet access, fixed-line telephone and pay TV. You can compare prices and discounts for fiber broadband Internet access and compare broadband phone Internet access. At the same time, you can obtain preferential information of telecom companies. BBQuote covers personal and commercial telecommunication products. No need to register personal information, and no need to provide a phone number to use the quotation. And all quotations are provided by qualified staff of various telecom companies. You can compare the price of fiber-in-the-house broadband internet access here! Even if you want to get fiber into the house, fast broadband quote/simple broadband comparison/hkt broadband, pccw broadband, hgc broadband, i cable broadband, don’t ask Zhoujie to go, I will help you.

BBQuote provides diversified broadband plans and super considerate customer service, allowing you to enjoy a fast, stable and smooth fiber-optic Internet experience at a popular price. The company can provide the most affordable broadband quotes: public housing broadband, home ownership broadband, private building broadband, Chinese building broadband, village house broadband, and sub-house broadband. Home phone. Broadband TV (Now tv, cable TV) 4G/4.5G/5G mobile phone launch discount. Here, you can easily obtain quotations from major telecommunications companies, and easily make choices about the telecommunications services that are most suitable for you. Or maybe you want to find quotations for broadband Internet access and telephone in Hong Kong office buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, shopping malls, upstairs shops, and ground shops! BBQuote can help you.

BBQuote is a free broadband quotation service: home and business broadband services: provide 6 major broadband and telephone service providers in Hong Kong. Even if you don't know what network coverage your residential address has, someone can provide you with the information. Regardless of the broadband provider, if you are an old customer, the price may be more expensive than the new customer. The supplier looks at the old customer and is more convenient to renew the contract than the new customer. Your company provides customers with price reference for free comparison

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