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Netvigator is an Internet connection service brand owned by Hongkong Telecom and is currently operated by Hongkong Telecom Limited.
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Hong Kong Broadband Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong, was formerly a telecommunications group that was spun off by City Telecom in May 2012. The main business includes the provision of fiber optic broadband, Wi-Fi mobile broadband, voice communications, entertainment services, data centers and a series of advanced enterprise solution services.
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Cable Broadband Communications Co., Ltd., referred to as Cable Broadband, is a Hong Kong media company whose main business is the provision of pay TV services (including Hong Kong Cable TV), residential fixed-line telephones, Internet, multimedia services, TV program production and artist management.
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Wholly owned by I Squared Capital, its main business is to provide voice and data communication services in Hong Kong, medium-sized computer system integration, software development and provision of related services, and distribution of computer products. It is one of the licensed fixed-line telecommunications providers in Hong Kong and provides Optical fiber Internet service.
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Hong Kong telecommunications companies mainly provide telecommunications services in Hong Kong and Macau, including mobile phone monthly fee plans and value-added services, and sales of mobile phones and accessories. Since July 30, 2014, SmarTone also provides home fiber broadband Internet access and broadband phone services.
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China Mobile Hong Kong officially launched a new ultra-fast fiber broadband "Home Broadband Service Plan", which combines the advantages of the company's existing cross-border mobile network to provide customers with a multi-network integrated network experience.

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